Web positioning is essential for the success of your business. If your company is not positioned in the first results of the search engines, when someone searches for the products and services that you offer on the Internet, they simply can not find you. As a result you will be losing money and giving away business opportunities to your competitors. By not having a good organic and natural web positioning, you will be losing customers every day.

What is web positioning?

Basically web positioning is a set of techniques and strategies that are followed to promote a website and position it in the highest part of the results of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It is significant for your company since search engines represent the basic source of knowledge regarding the web addresses of more than 85% of Internet users.

Not only that, it is known that more than half of online transactions start from a keyword entered in a search engine. More importantly, almost 100% of Internet users go through the first page of results, 20% go through the second, while 10% of users go through the third page of search results. It is understandable then how significant it is for companies to appear in the first search results, something that is only achieved with web positioning.

Now, the positioning in search engines (SEO), is influenced by many factors that can not be overlooked. Among them we highlight:

  • HTML code optimization
  • Optimization of content in search engines
  • Sent from the website address to the search engines
  • Proper selection of keywords

Importance of web positioning for your business

Currently, a website is not only information that you include in your business cards. A website goes further and should be considered as a powerful tool to generate new customers through an efficient web positioning that allows you to convert visitors into consumers. Our web positioning service will help you significantly to fulfill this purpose.

In addition, an efficient positioning service in search engines, involves the application of various techniques and strategies to get precisely Google and other search engines, position your website organically and naturally in the first results every time a customer searches for them. products and services that you offer.

In the current market, a search engine optimization and positioning service is required by more and more online companies. And to stay competitive, effective natural SEO strategies are required. You should always keep in mind that the ease with which potential customers can find your business among the growing number of competitors is a crucial factor for success.

It is often thought that for a website to be successful it must attract as many visitors as possible. However, what happens if those visitors are not your potential customers? With our web positioning service, you have the certainty that the visitors that arrive at your site are precisely those who are interested in buying your products or services. We develop online marketing strategies aimed at driving the right traffic and offering you real potential customers.

How do we position your website in the first search results?

To achieve the best positioning of web pages, there are a series of actions that we implement in order to achieve the desired results. Here we detail each one of them.

Keyword analysis

We take care of preparing a report on the analysis of keywords in the market, including information about the competition, as well as the different opportunities for your business. This report is established for each search engine on the Internet, and will include an overview of your competitors and their investment per visitor.

Analysis of the competition

This analysis of your competitors aims to identify all those methods and appropriate tactics to position the products or services that your business offers, before your competition does. In this way we make sure that your business is always ahead and is the first option available to buyers.

Optimization and publication of relevant content

Content optimization for search engines is also a key element in the positioning of websites. That is, if your website offers quality content, unique, updated and that generates interest, then oriented on the right path to a successful search engine positioning. Optimizing the content of your website usually involves creating new pages optimized for your target audience, as well as updating your real pages.

We help you create quality content aimed specifically for the user to whom it is intended, thereby increasing site traffic. This in turn improves the authority and relevance of your web page. By identifying the keywords for each page, we analyze the way in which a potential customer can search for your business and then we make sure that the word is distributed throughout the content in an appropriate percentage.

The use of bold, italics, header labels, as well as ways to highlight the keywords are also used, but all without falling into exaggeration. We never sacrifice good writing in favor of SEO because we are very aware that the best pages are written to maximize the user experience and not so much for search engines.

Content update regularly

This is a very important aspect of web positioning, since regularly updated content is seen as one of the best indicators of the relevance of a site. Therefore, it is essential to keep a fresh content that motivates users to constantly return to your site.

web positioning

web positioning


In a quality web design, each page contains a space between the tags so that metadata or relevant information about the content of your page can be inserted. If your page uses a CMS content manager, then we also take care to pre-populate all this information for you, including the metadata of the title, the meta description, as well as the metadata of keywords.

The use of the ALT tag in the images

Many times the companies do not give the importance that the images really have and focus only on the positioning of the textual content. The reality is that with the images a website can also scale positions in the search results and get a lot of traffic. Therefore, our web positioning service includes the optimization of images through the use of the ALT label and alternative descriptions.

This allows search engines to «scan» your page and know exactly what images appear in your content. This aspect is also crucial especially for those users who use text browsers only. But we not only make sure that all your images have the ALT label and are easier to find through the image search, but we also provide the necessary guidance so you can optimize your images in terms of their quality and size.

Remember that the loading speed of a web page is a vital factor to offer a good user experience. If the images you use on your website are too heavy, you are likely to experience problems of slowness, which will affect your users’ browsing experience and of course your ranking in search engines.

Fulfilling the requirements of the code

The way people view your site is completely different from the way search engines do. Your site can have the best web design and be visually very attractive to the human eye, but it can be totally insignificant and go unnoticed by search engines. To prevent this from happening, we make sure that your website complies with all the code requirements that allow you to reach your goals.

Construction of high quality links

Not long ago it was enough to have thousands of links pointing to a website so that this site will be positioned faster in the search engines, even if they were links not related to the content of the site. At present, this technique is obsolete and can even be counterproductive. It is true, reciprocal links add value to your website, but as long as it is links from sites with hierarchy and that relate to your content. By doing this in this way you will not only get the target traffic from clicks on your links placed on other websites, but also this will tell Google that your site is relevant and quality.

Sent from the site to directories and search engines

Our web positioning service also includes sending your site to the main search engines, directories and specific platforms if applicable to achieve a higher positioning. Thanks to our semiautomatic data feed towards the search engines, it guarantees that your website always has the maximum visibility.