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Web design

In web design Madrid Biomarketum, we think that image is fundamental in Society and in business. Enjoy a Professional Web with an optimized design to get the best results in your project.


Your Seo agency in Madrid. We make a study of your Online strategy. We study, optimize and position providing effective solutions to your business, product or service.

Social networks

A strategy in community manager with a social media plan designed especially for you. Depending on your sector and your objectives. You do not want to miss it.


When you visit you have a few seconds to attract your future customers. A few crucial seconds in your business. Content marketing and copywriting are the perfect formula to convert your clients.


There is no doubt that a global image reinforces all your potential, so you should ask yourself if what you project is powerful enough to attract your non-customers in a powerful way.

Inbound Marketing

We combine marketing techniques and very effective advertising, especially non-intrusive, so that you buy your customers, taking him by hand throughout the process.


Communication is one of the basic and essential pillars for a project to succeed. The question is not whether to do communication, but how to do it in the most effective way.

Email Marketing

The power of email marketing. If you are not yet aware of your true potential, you should inform yourself. This technique currently has a weight of 40% on any successful project project. You know why?.


Get immediate results using pay per click on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.,. Retargeting techniques, landing pages, funnels, sending mailings, Control Test, Etc.


The results depend on the actions, but they must be within an environment defined by SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, in Time). Analytics is essential for the success of your business

Professional web design and web positioning

We work hard & with passion & we create value
We love what we do & we are inspired by life

Our daily work in this world of web design and digital marketing is fascinating. We make things happen through web pages, content, blogs, strategies, measurements. Our solutions help you get more traffic, more presence, more brand … more benefit. In short, they help you to position your business ahead of your competition, helping in a unique way to consolidate in the market in the medium and long term.

What our clients say about our work

In a short time I have risen in positions in Google …. it is as if my clients had changed and were more receptive.

I am very satisfied with the service they have given me, as they have reinforced my personal brand and have helped me to provide a more complete and valuable service to my clients.

Web design in Madrid. Do not underestimate the power of images!

We start with 10 benefits of a good image that make your business work better than your competition:

  1. A good image generates confidence and a greater purchase decision
  2. If you impact on your client it will remind you more easily
  3. If in addition to serious it seems you will have more respect for your client and the sale will be easier.
  4. New customers by references.
  5. Workers also perceive when things are done well.
  6. Fidelity depends in part on the trust generated by the image.
  7. You create value in your business and attract value. Better suppliers, better customers, better workers. You grow.
  8. A brand with value remains in the same time.
  9. You can charge more expensive.
  10. Being different generates sales. The difference begins in the image !.

As specialists in web design from Torrelodones de Madrid and for the whole world, in web design Madrid Biomarketum we have to tell you that your website is the most important component in the marketing plan of your company. It is the professional image that you project before your clients and potential consumers. Therefore you should spare no effort to make your business website look nice, easy to use, optimized for mobile and able to attract your ideal customer easily.

We work with you to design a website that allows you to develop a user experience that adds value to your audience. Through our experience and research, we have developed custom web design and development solutions that will help you achieve the goals of your digital marketing. We recognize that usability, functionality and visualization are the three important factors of a website interface.

Our system, which we have developed and optimized over the years, focuses on knowing your needs, your company and, most importantly, your target audience. Consequently, we develop design concepts that will meet and exceed your expectations, in addition to your marketing objectives.

Why is web design so important to your business?

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to understand exactly why companies pay so much for a web design service. After all, as long as you have a functional website, it does not really matter much about your appearance, right? Unfortunately, this is simply not the case.

Web design is one of the most important aspects of the online presence of your business. This does not mean you need to pay an exorbitant amount of money to get a top-level web design. What you really need is to find a web design style that works well for your business and that’s where we, Diseño Web Madrid – Biomarketum, can help you. A web design suitable for your site, allows you to project just the image you want your customers to see. You can think of your site even, as a customer service representative.

Consequently, your website on the Internet becomes the digital face of your business and therefore you will always want to make a good first impression. A more designed website is similar to a rude and ineffective customer service representative. A perfectly designed website, on the other hand, is like an educated and friendly representative, who can help clients find what they are looking for or solve a problem.

If we take this to the field of trust, something similar happens. Would you trust a business that is located in a building with no meandering alleys, garbage everywhere, broken windows and bad service? Of course not true. When thinking about the web design that you want for your company, consider that people are visual beings, so establishing the best web design is absolutely critical for the satisfaction of current customers and attracting new consumers.

Tecnologías en el desarrollo HTML/CSS en páginas web

Tanto HTML, como CSS, son la base de todos nuestros proyectos de diseño de páginas web. Para nosotros es de vital importancia que cada página web que diseñamos esté perfectamente organizada y para ello nos aseguramos de utilizar los últimos estándares de HTML y CSS. Además, las normas W3C que utilizamos, garantizan la mejor experiencia de usuario y por supuesto las bases para una mejor optimización de motores de búsqueda. Bajo nuestro desarrollo HTML/CSS, ofrecemos servicios que incluyen:


This is possibly the most important part of a website since it can basically mean success or failure. In general, the navigation of the website includes a navigation bar or a list of tags that allow you to differentiate the pages of the website. By designing a website, we make sure that web browsing is simplified to maximize usability and attract a wider range of customers. In other words, the web browsing of the sites we develop is so intuitive even for people who have never navigated the web before.

Web design Madrid. A web design consistent with your brand

If your company has a logo that you frequently use in printed materials such as business cards, letterheads or brochures, then the logo, the colors of the brand and the images used for printing should be reflected in the design of the website. We know the importance of your clients being able to recognize your brand in all the different forms of communication. Often, when visual communication changes with a brand, this can cause customers to feel uncomfortable, which in turn can cause them to develop a negative perception of your company. With our web design service, we make sure this does not happen.

Legibility and SEO optimization

In most cases, people feel more comfortable reading a web page in the same way as when they read a book, from top to bottom and from left to right. When designing a website, we consider this aspect to provide readers with the best possible readability. With this we contribute to make the message more effective for visitors to the site that could be current or potential customers.

Sometimes companies are not aware of the placement of the most important information in these areas of a website. They also improve search engine optimization (SEO). But when important keywords related to the company are included in the HTML-based text, search engines can crawl the web page of your business more easily. This in turn increases your position in the search rankings and gives your website and, consequently, your company, greater visibility in general terms.

Web design and contents

This is another key aspect in the design of web pages that basically communicates the position of the company and what it has to offer. There are additional elements of great importance that should be considered when an editor creates the content and the web designer creates the visual environment to complement it. Our goal with content optimization in web design, is to make the message short and precise, warm and welcoming, to help readers remember that message more easily. Also, when you have too much text on a page, the site becomes visually unstable, messy and makes it harder for readers to physically read your page. For this reason they do not remain interested in your content for a long time and therefore, by rationalizing it, our web designers are able to insert the text into the design, where normally a large amount of negative space is available. The idea of ​​having an empty space is to allow the reader’s eyes do not get tired of reading.

Integration with social networks

Social networks are essential platforms for all types of business and without a doubt they must be integrated into the web design of the sites. The use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., can improve your marketing efforts by having your website function as your central marketing center. Through integration with social networks, we propose a web design in Madrid, where the content published with these tools can also be added to blogs and RSS feeds, which will automatically optimize content development.

Responsive Web Design (website optimized for mobile)

Currently, a web page that is not optimized for mobile devices simply does not appear as an option in search engines. Google has already made it clear that all those sites that do not have a responsive web design, will be relegated to lower positions within the search results. For businesses, this is something that they simply can not afford. Therefore, our team of designers and developers, are responsible for providing your site, all the necessary features for any user to access, regardless of the device you use, have the best possible web browsing experience. If your page has a design optimized for mobile, this not only means that you will benefit from the traffic coming from mobile users, but it will also help you to position yourself higher in the search rankings. As we said before, Google gives priority to websites with responsive design, therefore you will have more visitors happy and willing to buy what your business offers.

Building trust

Building trust among your customers is critical to the success of your business. The problem is that none of this will happen unless you really get to know them and know what they value. Marketing tactics can work as a feedback with potential customers, allowing you to discover more details about the needs of your customers. And thanks to this approach, you can implement what resonates positively in your new design. By making the web design of your site more welcoming and trustworthy for visitors, we managed to increase traffic and access new business opportunities by converting websites.

Responsive web design for mobile

Mobile web design, also known as responsive web design, is a type of web design that ensures that users receive a good visual experience when visiting sites regardless of the device they are using. In recent years its use has become increasingly important because the number of mobile devices available has increased, while sales of desktop computers have decreased.

And now that Google is giving preference to websites optimized for mobile devices, the adoption of responsive web design is essential, particularly if you do not want to disappear from search results.

That’s how it all began …

Initially and after the launch of the iPhone, the tendency was to create two versions of the same website separately, depending on whether the user visited the site from a PC or from a mobile device. But even though from a development perspective this seemed to be the easiest, the reality was that there were a number of significant drawbacks.

The main advantages of having two versions of the same website included the increase in the cost of maintenance, promoting and maintaining separate sites for SEO rankings and even having to build different mobile sites for different mobile devices. Ethan Marcotte, a web designer who credits himself with the term «responsive web design», spoke in an article about the rapidly changing environment of devices, web browsers, as well as screen sizes, in addition to the guidelines.

Marcotte argued with just reason, that building websites separately and for each type of device simply would not be sustainable. On the contrary, he proposed an alternative design, the responsive web design, which requires the construction of flexible and fluid designs that adapt to any screen size.

Why is mobile web design so important?

When we talk about a web site with sensitive or responsive design, we refer to a page on the Internet that has the ability to adapt to the screen of the device being used, regardless of whether it is a Smartphone or a Tablet. When this happens, the website is automatically «reformatted» to offer the user an experience that visually adapts well to their device and at the same time provides the site with a number of benefits, including complying with Google’s recommendations.

Increase in the use of mobile devices

At present it is known that a large number of people around the world have a smartphone and that the vast majority spend several hours a day surfing the Internet, checking their emails or consulting their social networks. Even a high percentage of Smartphone users, consider this device as one of the most important to connect to the Internet. This undoubtedly has a direct impact on the way we view web pages.

In 2014 it was known that 22% of people used their mobile phone to surf the Internet, which showed a real increase in the use of this mobile device. Even the availability of the 4G network has affected the way people use their mobile devices. For these reasons it is very important that you have a website that works perfectly both on a smartphone, as on any other device with a different size screen. Currently there may be a lot of people using your website through a mobile phone or a tablet.

Benefits of web design for mobile

By having a website with responsive design, both the content and the pages are automatically flexible, compatible with all screen resolutions and with multiple devices. Basically it means that regardless of the device used to surf the web, the user will have the best viewing experience, including the ease of navigation with a significantly smaller amount of size and displacement change.

In addition, a mobile web design can improve the user experience and adapt to all kinds of devices, whether it is a desktop computer, a Smartphone or a Tablet. By providing the best possible experience, people will have a positive opinion of the website they have visited, which means that they will most likely visit it again.

To ensure that a web page is responsive, you essentially only have one web page instead of two, which of course is much more profitable. That is, instead of having an independent mobile site to maintain, you have a main site to take care of. Likewise, positioning campaigns in search engines are easier to maintain with a single site. If you had a separate mobile site, then two SEO campaigns would be required. Therefore, with a website with mobile web design, everything is easier to manage.

Other benefits of web design for mobile devices include:

  • Sites with responsive web design work well in many of the existing devices in the market and it is almost certain that this trend will remain that way for a considerable time.
  • Mobile design sites take a bit more design and development, but they survive longer, and management, updates, and support all need to be applied in one place. This in turn translates into significant savings in time and money.
  • Google recommends a responsive web design approach because it gives priority to sites that are optimized for mobile devices over those that are not.
  • There is a consistent and optimized site, no matter which platform is being used to visualize it, the best visual experience will always be provided for the user, which in turn will lead them to participate with the site instead of taking them elsewhere.

Why should you use a mobile web design on your site?

If customers visit your site while on the move or in the office from your desk, with a mobile web design the user experience is always optimized. A mobile-optimized website dynamically changes its design to suit mobile phones, tablets and desktops, ensuring that the site is easier to use on any device.

The use of the mobile web is not only growing, but it is maintained at an extremely fast rate of growth that undoubtedly represents a great opportunity for companies of all sizes. But when you have a website that simply does not respond to mobile devices, you could potentially lose many business opportunities. A responsive web design ensures that every user experience is excellent.

For any company the use of a mobile web design translates into an efficient component in terms of time and cost. A responsive web design can create greater efficiency in development time and cost. The development approach of a responsive web page, allows to optimize any online business for all devices with a single web design. Without this approach, companies are forced to dedicate time and resources to create an independent mobile site.

Added to all this, web design for mobile phones, allows the implementation of best practices to rank high in search results for mobile devices. In other words, web design for mobile is the preferred option when it comes to making a website friendly. All this for both mobile devices and search engines. When it comes to SEO, a responsive website can help a lot with initiatives and make it easier to benefit from the focus of Google’s first mobile index. When a web page optimized for all screen sizes is offered, it is easier for search engines such as Google to understand and service the content.

How to know if my website is optimized for mobile?

In addition to checking directly with a Smartphone, a Tablet, desktop computer and laptop, on the Internet there are many tools to know if a page is optimized for mobile devices. Among all of them the most recommended is offered by Google itself through the site «Test of optimization for mobile.»

All you have to do is access this site and then enter the URL of the page you want to check in the corresponding field. Then you simply click on «Run test» and after an analysis of a few seconds, the tool will indicate if the page is optimized for mobile.

From a desktop or laptop computer, you can also check if a website is responsive and adapts to screen sizes as the web browser is reduced and expanded. In addition, Google clearly indicates in its search results whether a result of a page is mobile or not.

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